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Prince2® Foundation

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PRINCE2 provides an easily tailored and scalable method for the management of all types of projects. This method is the de facto standard for Project Management and is practiced worldwide. PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) provides common processes, management products, roles, and language for use throughout an organization’s projects.

The 3 days PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation course (based on PRINCE2 2017 update) provides an optimal mix of classroom lectures, interactive case studies, assignments, additional reading materials, and exam preparation material. You will enjoy learning about the PRINCE2 methodology, and will concurrently learn the skills needed to practically apply this knowledge in real life.

Learning Objectives:

On completing this course, the participants will gain competencies in:

  • The principles of the PRINCE2 Project Management method.
  • How to start, control, and close projects.
  • How to manage quality.
  • How to manage risk.
  • How to deliver projects on time, within budget, and to the specified business case.
  • How to tailor PRINCE2 to different project environments.

Target Audience:

The PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation course will be of interest to:

  • Those considering adopting PRINCE2
  • Project managers and aspiring project managers
  • Project team managers and leaders
  • Project coordinators
  • Project support staff
  • Project officers
  • Consultants and contractors



There are no formal prerequisites.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Course Introduction

  • Course Overview
  • Course Objectives
  • Course Agenda
  • Module Learning Objectives
  • PRINCE2 Overview
  • Project
  • The Four Integrated Elements
  • The Customer and Supplier Environments
  • Benefits of PRINCE2

Module 2: Organization

  • Organization Theme
  • Organization
  • Project Management Team
  • Stakeholder
  • Communication Management Approach

Module 3: Business Case

  • Business Case Theme
  • Output, Outcome, and Benefits
  • Management Products

Module 4: Risk

  • Risk Theme – Managing Risk
  • Risk
  • Risk Theme
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Responses
  • Risk Estimation
  • Risk Owner and Risk Actionee
  • Risk Budget

Module 5: Plans

  • Plans Theme – Managing Plan
  • Levels of Plan
  • Levels of Plan and Inter-relationship
  • Plans Theme
  • Product-based Planning
  • Management Stages and Delivery Approach


Module 6: Quality

  • Quality Theme
  • Management Products
  • Quality Expectations and Acceptance Criteria
  • Quality Assurance and Project Assurance
  • Quality Planning and Quality Control
  • Quality Review


Module 7: Change

  • Change Theme
  • Types of Issues
  • Issue and Change Control Procedure
  • Change Budget
  • Management Products


Module 8: Progress

  • Progress Theme
  • Progress Control
  • Management Products


Module 9: Starting Up a Project

  • Starting up a Project Process
  • Management Products


Module 10: Directing a Project

  • Directing a Project Process
  • Management Products


Module 11: Initiating a Project

  • Initiating a Project Process
  • Project Initiation Documentation
  • First Delivery Stage Plan


Module 12: Controlling a Stage

  • Controlling a Stage Process


Module 13: Managing Product Delivery

  • Managing Product Delivery Process


Module 14: Managing a Stage Boundary

  • Managing a Stage Boundary


Module 15: Closing a Project

  • Closing a Project Process


Module 16: Exam Preparation Guide

Course Information

  • Class Start : Day: 07 Oct | 14 Oct |
  • Course Duration : 3 days
  • Student Capacity : Small classes
  • Class Schedule : Days , Evenings, Weekends
  • Class Time : 10:00-17:00
  • Course Price : £750
  • Teacher Name :


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