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SAGE 50 Bundle
( Accounts & Payroll)

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Sage 50 Accounts classroom courses are designed to help you gain an understanding of how to use the software and its features. From basic principles like navigation through to becoming an expert at amending and creating reports, you will have the opportunity to learn all aspects of Sage 50 Accounts.

Our classroom training consist of 4 stages and an additional course for Report Design, so you can pick and choose what stage you want to attend based upon your level of understanding and competency of the accounts software.

The training is delivered by qualified Accountants who have many years of industrial experience in using and training of the Sage 50 Accounts software.

Course Objective

Take an in-depth look at the processes for year end, credit control and VAT return. The course also covers project costing,Euro & Foreign trading, quotations, report design and key performance indicators.

Target Audience

  • Mangers
  • Account assistants
  • Accountants
  • Project Managers


Sage 50 Account 1 & 2


  • Importing Data
  •  Setting up Departments
  • Setting Budgets
  • Setting up Discounts
  • Quotations, Converting Quotations
  • Pro-forma Invoices
  • The Euro & Other Foreign Currencies
  • Invoicing in Euros
  • Receiving Payments in Euros
  • Paying Foreign Currency Invoices
  • Contra Entries
  • Batch Payments
  • Changing Posted Records
  • Batch Changes & Global Changes
  • The Opening and Closing Stock Options
  • Analysing Budgets & Departments
  • The Audit Trail
  • Project Costing
  • Setting Passwords & Access Rights
  • Report Designer Basic Skills
  • Report Designer Wizard & More
  • Report Designer More Again
  • Activating and Setting Up Sage 50 Accounts

Course Information

  • Class Start : Days: TBA
  • Course Duration : 12 days
  • Student Capacity : Small classes
  • Class Schedule : Days , Evenings, Weekends
  • Class Time : 10:00-17:00
  • Course Price : £1200
  • Teacher Name :


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