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With our Sage® 50 Payroll courses you will acquire an in-depth knowledge of Sage payroll software and its functionality. Starting from basic principles, like navigation through to completing Period End routines.

Our classroom training consist of 2 stages, and are able to select what stage you want to attend based upon your level of understanding and competency of the payroll software.

The classroom training is delivered by competent and professional trainers who have many years of experience in using and training on the Sage 50 Payroll software.


  • Get to grips with the basic principles of setting up Sage 50 Payroll, including RTI.
  • Creating your employees and users in the software, to producing your payment and deduction types and configuring your e-submissions.

Target Audience

  • Any one interested in payroll activity
  • HR
  • Managers

What’s included?

  • All accompanying course materials
  • Hands-on Tutor Led Industrial Trainer
  • Classroom Based Practical Training
  • Access to Sage 50 Professional software for three months – an extension can be purchased for a small fee
  • Small Size Class and Interactive Sessions
  •  Exercises
  • Online Exams Certification
  • Refreshments will also be provided throughout the duration of your training.


  • none


  • Program Basics
  • Backing Up & Restoring Data
  • Payroll Basics
  • Company Settings
  • Government Legislation
  • Introduction to Pension Schemes
  • Pay Elements
  • Adding Existing Employees, Adding New Employees
  • Employee Records, Editing Employee Records
  • The Processing Date
  • Entering Payments (Month 10)
  • Pre-Update Report
  • Updating Records
  • New Employee Hourly Rate
  • Manual SSP Calculations
  • Process, Update & Reset Payments (Month 11)
  • A New Employee Paid Weekly
  • Process & Update (Week 50)
  • An Employee Leaves
  • Payment by BACS
  • Process & Update (Week 51)
  • Process & Update (Month 12 & Week 52)
  • More Reports & Historical Data
  • Year-End Procedures
  • Real Time Information (RTI)


Course Information

  • Class Start : | 24 Feb | 06 Apr | 25 May
  • Course Duration : 2 days
  • Student Capacity : Small classes
  • Class Schedule : Mon-Fri, 2 Saturdays
  • Class Time : 10:00 am-17:00 pm
  • Course Price : £280
  • Teacher Name :


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