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Oracle® 11g Database
Administration (DBA)

This class will develop the key fundamental skills necessary to be an Oracle® DBA. Students will design and create a server using the Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA), configure logical and physical structures, set up database and user security, add…

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Oracle® 11g SQL Fundamental

Learning Oracle SQL is a common starting point in the Oracle database curriculum for administrators, developers and business users. The objective of this course is to provide an introduction to the SQL database programming language within the context of…

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Oracle® 11g SQL Advanced

In this course, delegates will develop deeper insight into relational database design and RDBMS operation, learn concepts and specific SQL syntax for extended Oracle® datatypes, learn analysis and tuning techniques to increase SQL performance, and master advanced features of…

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Oracle® 11g PL/SQL

A Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) is a software system that allows you to create and manage a relational database. Minimum requirements for such a system are defined by both ANSI and ISO. PL/SQL is Oracle’s Procedural Language for…

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Oracle® 11g PL/SQL Advanced Programming

PL/SQL is Oracle’s embedded procedural database language, allowing developers and administrators to write scripts, stored procedures and functions. This advanced course helps PL/SQL programmers take advantage of language features, advanced techniques, and packages and facilities provided by Oracle to…

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