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ELPMP3 : PMP Certification
(PMBOK 6) Vol 3
– eLearning Course

ELPMP3 : PMP Certification
(PMBOK 6) Vol 3
– eLearning Course

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With the release of the latest PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition the PMP certification has been updated! This final course in the PMP series will discuss what’s new and also provides a great resource in preparing for passing the new PMP certification exam. This course covers Project Communications management. It has three processes that ensure communications are effectively managed. The goal is to make communication appear effortless and keep stakeholders engaged for project success. It them moves into covers Project Risk Management. It has 7 processes which is the largest of knowledge areas. It focuses on dealing with risk through the life cycle of the project.

This course also covers Project Procurement Management. It contains three processes that govern procurement. IT focuses on how the work break down structure necessitates resources and working with the procurement process to satisfy the projects goals. This course will cover Project Stakeholder Management. it contains four processes that ensure the identification and engagement of stakeholders as well as the communication process with stakeholders through the project life cyle. It covers Tools and Techniques. Over 100 tools and techniques exist, and the most important and complex of these are explained here. Finally, it covers Project Delivery Environments.

The big picture to successfully deliver projects is discussed as well as organizational structures and the scope of authority as well as ethics.

Course Outline :

  1. Project Communication Management
  2. Plan Communications Management
  3. ManagCommunications
  4. Monitor Communications
  5. Project Risk Management
  6. Plan Risk Management
  7. Identify Risks
  8. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  9. Perform Quantitive Risk Analysis
  10. Plan Risk Responses
  11. Implement Risk Responses
  12. Monitor Risks
  13. Project Procurement Management
  14. Plan Procurement Management
  15. Conduct Procurement
  16. Control Procurements
  17. Project Stake holder Management
  18. Identify Stake holders
  19. Plan Stake holder Engagement
  20. Manage Stake Holder Engagement
  21. Monitor Stakeholder Engagement
  22. Tools and Techniques
  23. Data Gathering Tools and Techniques
  24. Data Analysis
  25. Data Representation
  26. Decision Making
  27. Communications Skills
  28. Interpersonal Team Skills
  29. Cost of Quality
  30. Decision Tree Analysis
  31. Earned Value Analysis
  32. Meetings
  33. Precedence Diagramming
  34. Critical Path Method
  35. Risk Probability
  36. Root Cause Analysis
  37. Rolling Wave Planning
  38. Project Delivery Environments
  39. Portfolios Programs Projects
  40. Organizational Structures
  41. Project Structures
  42. Project Manager Roles
  43. Project Management Offices
  44. Code Of Ethics
  45. Final Preparations And Day Of Exam


Target Audience :

Developers and IT Professionals